How fashion brands are saving Android Wear smartwatches


Google’s Android Wear smartwatch platform isn’t dead. It’s just pivoting from a do-everything experience on your wrist to one that’s better customized for your own fashion and lifestyle.

That’s good because I don’t want a world where the Apple Watch is the only smartwatch that matters. It’d be too dystopian.

No matter how much you might adore your Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear S3 or LG Watch Style smartwatches can be described in a single word: disappointing. 

The smartwatch market declined by 51.6 percent in Q3 of last year, resulting in a year-over-year drop in volume, according to IDC. The only one reportedly thriving is Apple Watch. But still, as a product category smartwatches simply haven’t lived up to expectations. Read more…

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Source: Mashable
How fashion brands are saving Android Wear smartwatches

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