Let's talk about the iPhone 8 'notch'


There’s a horrible trend in smartphones happening right now, and I’m afraid it’s not going away very soon. 

I’m talking about the smartphone notch. It’s the way the newer, edge-to-edge screens on several upcoming top smartphones are cut to make room for the camera, speaker grille and sensors. Andy Rubin’s Essential phone has itSharp’s Aquos S2 has it. And it looks like Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 will have it, too.

The notch is an awful idea.

The notch is ugly, though your opinion on that will inevitably vary. Sure, it’s going to look great in those iPhone 8 promo pics, but — make no mistake — in real life it’ll be an eyesore at worst, and a slight distraction at best. For a simple test, look at it this way: Would you prefer your smartphone’s front side to be 100% all screen, or would you prefer the notch? I thought so.  Read more…

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Source: Mashable
Let's talk about the iPhone 8 'notch'

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