The ACLU comes to John Oliver's defense in a lawsuit...and it's super funny


In June, John Oliver decided he had had enough of Donald Trump’s pro-coal agenda and coal companies themselves, so he did what he does best—he ranted. 

The Last Week Tonight host went on a rampage against Bob Murray the CEO of Murray Energy, a coal king who has stripped health benefits from miners and allegedly “attempting to silence miners who filed confidential safety complaints to regulators.” 

Oliver’s segment (which featured a giant talking squirrel, so you know it’s good) lead to a lawsuit filed by Murray, who claimed in a statement that “the false and defamatory statements in this broadcast severely and destructively impact Mr. Murray, and all of Murray Energy … as well as coal mining itself.” Read more…

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Source: Mashable
The ACLU comes to John Oliver's defense in a lawsuit…and it's super funny

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